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Seven Loaves Project

The Seven Loaves Project is committed to building a vocational center, the teaching of villagers to bake nutritious breads, and building new bread ovens in remote locations throughout Rwanda and other impoverished countries. This is a grassroots project to not only feed the hungry, but also to stimulate communities in vocational training, economic development, and nutrition.

Construction of the Seven Loaves Project vocational center began in October of 2010 in Kibeho. At the vocational center site, the wood fired oven was built in January 2011, by a professional oven builder from New York. Construction of this facility is complete.



  • Demonstrating the unconditional love of God to all those we serve;
  • Honoring the worth, dignity and potential of every person;
  • Developing the whole person: body, mind, and spirit;
  • Strengthening the family;
  • Fostering a sense of community wherever we serve;
  • Learning from all those with whom we serve as we endeavor to teach truth;
  • Stewarding the earth as God's creation, intended for the good of all people;
  • Achieving excellence in all we do;
  • Pursuing integrity over image;
  • Enabling every person to have the opportunity to become all that God intends.


Esperanza’s program principles lead toward, and facilitate, community-based sustainable development programs focused especially on benefiting children and their families.

Esperanza will promote and support development policies, strategies and activities that:

  • Address the root causes of poverty, especially those impacting children, and facilitate activities that lead to improved living conditions, reduced infant mortality, greater life expectancy, better nutrition, improved education, increased income, environmental improvement;
  • Focus on families and communities as the agents, planners, implementers and evaluators of the development efforts, where the vision comes from the people, and the ownership is theirs;
  • Improve the capacity of people to learn from their experiences of development, to be empowered by that process and to lead more fulfilled lives with greater understanding of the world they live in;
  • Free people from the bondage and oppression of cultural, social, spiritual and economic forces that inhibit becoming all that God has intended for them;
  • Build alliances and partnerships with other institutions, with compatible goals, such as churches, non-governmental organizations and local community groups;
  • Lead to more technically appropriate, and sustainable, activities and practices that contribute to self-sufficiency and self-reliance;
  • Encourage systems that ensure accountability and integrity;
  • Improve the leadership, management and organizational skills within the families and communities of a project area.

It is our policy to provide assistance to those in need, regardless of religious or political persuasion, and that it will not be withheld for lack of certain sectarian, religious or political beliefs.